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...Zambia will be represented at the prestigious annual Sundance Independent Producers Conference...

Zambia at Sundance

PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA — For the first time, Zambia will be represented at the prestigious annual Sundance Independent Producers Conference in the United States of America. In an effort to market the country’s untapped artistic potential to renowned American independent filmmakers, Zambia will be making its maiden appearance through the country’s upcoming production BAD TIMING, which was picked from the hundreds of productions that applied for participation at the conference. Film Executive Producer Cyndi Greening, Zambian Director/Co-Producer Jabbes Mvula and Editor Alec Hart will represent the country.

The Independent Producers Conference is held every August and is structured to provide participants with opportunities to explore the issues of independent producing and to apply them to their own projects. The goal of the conference is to support filmmakers in finding resources to develop their films and to enhance their options for production and distribution. The conference brings together emerging producers, executives of production companies and distributors to discuss the challenges and possibilities for bringing these new film projects to the global marketplace.

Executive Producer Cyndi Greening said, “Our team is going to Sundance with a three-point plan: To market the films BAD TIMING and VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION; to market Zambia as an ideal location for African story telling; and to change the way the Western World looks at Africa.” Cyndi said they hope to use this opportunity to encourage production companies in the United States into taking interest in the vast untold stories in Zambia and Africa. In addition to the financial support they have received from Mesa Community College, Cyndi said their production team is very motivated by the encouragement they have received from Zambian supporters. Among those who have been key supporters in Zambia are National Broadcasting Corporation Director General and ZNTB Board Member Joseph Salasini and Lusaka businessman Dr. Edgar Ng’oma.

This is the 21st annual conference and it will be held from 03-06 August at the Sundance Resort in Utah, United States of America. Among the producers and distributors expected to attend this year’s conference are Michael Barker of Sony Pictures Classics, Sara Bernstein of HBO Documentary Films, Ricky Strauss and Diane Weyermann both of Participant Productions, Marcus Hu of Strand Releasing and Mark Urman of THINKfilm. The agents scheduled to attend include Cassian Elwes of William Morris, Micah Green of Creative Artists and Jeremy Barber of United Talent.

It is the connection with these established members of the industry that is most vital for the participants. The wisdom, guidance and experience of these veterans assist emerging filmmakers in making better production and distribution decisions that ensure greater long-term success for their current and future films. “To have this sort of support as we establish the film industry in Zambia is a great blessing,” said Director Jabbes Mvula. “Through Sundance, the voice of our people can be heard by the world and our stories may have a global market. The success of BAD T!MING can create future opportunities for many Zambians.”

Robert Redford founded the Sundance Institute in 1981 as an organization dedicated year-round to the development of artists of independent vision and to the exhibition of their new work. Since its inception, the Institute has grown into an internationally recognized resource for thousands of independent artists through its annual Film Festival and artistic development programs for filmmakers, screenwriters, composers, writers, playwrights and theatre artists. The programs of Sundance Institute include the annual Sundance Film Festival, held in Park City every year in January and considered the premier U.S. showcase for American and international independent film.

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