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“We feel very fortunate to have secured the commitment of the most talented performers in Zambia”

BAD T!MING Cast Announced

Issued by: Gina Puma, Public Relations 602.740.1446

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, MESA, USA — The cast is nearly finalized for the upcoming feature film, BAD TIMING. We are please to announce the Zambian actors who will be playing the roles of all of the major characters in the film. Principal photography begins August 14 in Lusaka. "We feel very fortunate to have secured the commitment of the most talented performers in Zambia," said Executive Producer Cyndi Greening. "They will ensure that the film captures the rich culture and customs of contemporary Zambia."

CHIKU will be played by Lee Nonde. Lee is one of the lead actors in the Kabanana "soap opera" on the national television station, ZNBC. Well known in Zambia, Lee has the charisma to capture the goodness of Chiku and, at the same time, show the terrible pressure and conflict he faces by his enemies.

MUTINTA will be played by Annie Katamanda Musukwa. Annie had the role of Mutinta in the original stage play by Samuel Kasankha. As the bride of Chiku who must share the public humiliation with her husband, Annie will also be able to show the strength of character that imbues Mutinta. She is one of the leading actresses on Zambian Radio Drama and Sewero programs on ZNBC.

HON. HACHINDUMBA-NDUMBA will be played by Jacob Chirwa. Jacob has a degree in Drama from the University of Zambia and is featured in the Kabanana soap, as well. A well-connected, powerful and wealthy politician, Hachi is the father to Mutinta. A talented and versatile actor, Jacob will bring excitement and energy to the role. Jacob is also the Deputy Director of the National Arts Council.

will be played by Gertrude Nkonde Kasankha. One of the founding members of Zambian Radio Drama and Sewero, Gertrude is reprising the role of Mrs. Hachindumba-ndumba from the stage play. The mother of Mutinta, Mainza is supportive of her daughter's plight and suffers a mother's anguish. It's an excellent role that will be well captured by Gertrude.

DON PELIKAN will be played by Augustine Lungu. A tremendously gifted actor, Augustine is one of the most sought after actors/comedian/producers in Zambia. The powerful and well-connected businessman, Don Pelikan is a neighbor to Chiku and father of young Rose. As you can see from this photo, Augustine can summon that dominance when needed!

ROSE PELIKAN will be played by young Mirriam Zulu. As a young character, it's only logical that Rose would be played by a young actress. One of the newer faces to the Zambian stage, Mirriam has won the plum role of the conflicted, troubled teen daughter of Don Pelikan.

KAPAMBA KATWISHI will be played by Henry B. J. Phiri. A talented stand-up comedian and lead actor on Kabanana Soap, Henry is reprising his role of the fun-loving and loyal friend of Chiku. He will bring humor and heart to the film.

SAMPINGILA will be played by Joemwa Mtsinje Mwale. A celebrated actor, comedian and writer like Augustine, Joemwa has written many of the Zambian Radio Dramas and Sewero plays. He is credited as having played a major role in shaping the dramatic career of Jabbes Mvula. We are excited that he will now be able to share in Jabbes' latest project.

SULLYNA TEMBO will be played by Kamwengo Vunda Lungu. In the role as Chiku's assistant at CHILDREN'S PARADISE, Sullyna carries the heart and devotion of many Zambians toward the orphaned children. Kamwengo has played roles of mother and guardian in building her acting career.

DANNY will be played by Danny Siulapwa. We are so pleased and proud to announce that Zambian songwriter, singer and performer Danny will appear as himself in BAD T!MING. In addition to writing songs for the film, Danny will perform in the film.

bad timing logoBased on a stage play by renowned Zambian playwright Samuel Kasankha, BAD T!MING is very contemporary tale that combines the dramatic narrative of modern life with the rich customs and culture of the Zambian people. BAD T!MING is the story of Chiku, a respected social activist who is invited to lead the U.N. Task Force to investigate and improve the Future of the African Child. During this period, Chiku is also preparing for his wedding. The son of a Ngoni chief, he is to marry Mutinta, the daughter of a Tonga leader. Shortly before he marries, he is nearly seduced by a seemingly innocent neighborhood girl. When the police arrest him at his wedding, his bride is horrified to discover that her new husband is accused of rape. Wanting to avoid a life sentence in prison, Chiku begins an epic struggle to restore himself personally and professionally. A tale of failure, corruption, forgiveness and redemption.

VOAAN logoSimultaneously, a documentary about the making of the first Zambian film and the establishment of the film industry in Zambia is being produced. It will reveal the cultural exchange that occurs between the American “crew” comprised of MCC students and faculty and the Zambian citizens. The documentary follows them from their relatively affluent, predominantly white community to this economically challenged nation in Africa. It will explain the efforts of the “crew” to provide digital filmmaking training and technology to Zambian producers, directors and teachers.

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