"The National Arts Council of Zambia aspires to be a strong, effective, transparent and dynamic institution for the development and promotion of all art forms countrywide."

The National Arts Council of Zambia

The overall objective of the National Arts Council of Zambia is to advise government on policy towards visual, performing, media and literary arts in the country. Secondary to this is the aim to encourage artistic excellence on both amateur and professional levels in the country.

To this end, it is the Mission of the Council to facilitate the development, promotion and nurturing of all forms of amateur and professional arts to a level of excellence countrywide and to promote the Arts into an integral part of the lives of people in Zambia

The National Arts Council comprises nine arts associations representing performing, literary media and fine arts…

National Theatre Arts Association of Zambia—NATAAZ

National Media Arts Association—NAMA

Zambia Folk Dance and Music Society—ZAFODAMUS

Zambia Women Writers Association—ZAWWA

Zambia Popular Theatre Alliance—ZAPOTA

Zambia Association of Musicians—ZAM

Zambia Adjudicators’ Panel—ZAP

Zambia National Visual Arts Council—VAC

Association of Theatre for Children and Young People in Zambia—ASSITEJ—Zambia

Read more about the NAC at nationalartscouncil.org.zm

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