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Robby Brown—Cinematographer
portrait robby brown

I want to share my gift and teach others how to express themselves through filmmaking, through art. I hope to share my gift and help change people’s lives for the better. Read more

Shawn Downs—Cinematographer
portrait shawn downs

Shawn Downs is a nineteen year old Senior at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona. His short film DRIVEN was nominated in the 2006 Phoenix Film Festival. Read more

Carlos Espinosa—Cinematographer
portrait carlos espinosa

I moved to Phoenix to pursue a degree in graphic design. I attended Mesa Community College where I obtained my Associate degree in Graphic Design. Film and editing classes got me hooked. Read more


Jacob Felix—Grip portrait jacob felix

The passion Jabbes has to film BAD TIMING is inspiring, and I am very excited to be apart of it, as well as VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION.
Read more

Alec Hart—
portrait alec hart

Nick Marshall—Cinematographer
portrait nick marshall

Making the first feature film in Zambia and helping Zambia to develop and establish the film industry in their country is something beyond words. Read more

Michael Montesa—Cinematographer and Photographer
portrait michael montesa

This is…a great chance to make a special connection with the people of Zambia and help their voice to be heard throughout the world.
Read more

Jeniece Toranzo—Editor
portrait jeniece toranzo

What drew me to the Zambian project was mainly the goal and meaning behind it all. It was how and why this whole project was started in the first place. Read more

Support Crew
Pamela Bowman—Associate Producer
portrait pam bowman
Her role as an associate producer for the VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION documentary will provide…opportunities to gain vital experience and knowledge… Read more

Kai Kim—MCC Art Department
portrait kai kim

Working with the students of Zambia will be an incredible opportunity… to have a lasting exchange of ideas and new common vision for both the Zambia students and Arizona students and faculty. Read more


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